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Welcome to my online portfolio!  One of my defining principles is a deep commitment to entertainment and the arts. Here you’ll find examples of my work in many different genres. I   have also added copywriting to my arsenal in order to provide you with as many services to suit your needs. Looking for story writing copy for articles, script writing for videos or content writing for new products, I can help.  I look forward to collaborating with you.


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I grew up in a medium sized town in South Carolina with very limited access to creative resources at that time.

I've always had the gift of storytelling and creation, but in a town with no true outlet, I pushed those gifts aside for a long time. 

         As an adult, I spent over twenty years in the hotel industry and worked nearly every position from housekeeping to General Manager.

       I learned very valuable skills and I thought I would be in that Industry my entire career. In early 2009, a passion I pushed way down, came back to the surface even stronger than before. I couldn't ignore it this time. My Childhood gifts of writing and creating content was back.

Since then, I have dedicated myself to the art of content creation and storytelling through the mediums of entertainment and marketing.

By going to film school, I have increased my skills in those areas as a result, I have won awards for Scriptwriting, Directing and Producing.

I have also rounded out those skills by learning and becoming a Copywriter and soon to be, an Author.  My entire background has led me here to offer my gifts to help you tell your stories your way. If you have a brand that needs to get your message out to the world, we can help.

Not only will you get your message out, but you will get it out with quality in a timely fashion, but you will get a memorable rendition of the story you want to tell about your company, small business or brand. Whether you are looking for a commercial, music video, promotional video or an original series for your network/ channel, or Copywriting services, let us put or passions to work for you. Yes, I said US.

RFC is not just me, but an entire team with different skill sets working for you. Contact us and let's talk about it.   


Original Content Creation

Precinct 757- Original TV series creation exclusively airing on The Wynn Network.

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