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The Late Bloomer Tales

Saying Goodbye To 2020

As 2020 Comes To A Close, Like Many, I'm Reflecting On The Entire Year. I Was One Of Those People Who Never Made New Years' Resolutions. I Used To When I was Younger, But As I Grew Older And More Disillusioned With The World, I Stopped. But I Realized That Making A Resolution Is Also Goal Setting For The New Year. I Had To Understand That The Resolution Was Up To Me To Make Happen Regardless Of Situations And Circumstances. I Now See Resolutions As A Goal, A Challenge To Myself To Be Committed To Accomplishing Something Significant Within That Year. 2020 For Many Was A Tragic Year And For Some, A Pretty Good Year. Regardless What It Was For You, You Are Here Today. And Today Is The Day That I/You Will Decide What We Will Do To Close Out 2020 Strong And Prepare To Tackle Any Challenges That 2021 Will Bring. Make Your Resolutions, Set The Tone And Achieve The Goal.

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