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The Late Bloomer Tales

Long Overdue

So I have Been Half A Year Late In My New Year Post. This Is For Two Good Reasons. The First, I have Been Hard At Work Finishing Up Post Production On A Indie Feature Film And 12 Episodes Of A New Reality Show. Second, I have Also Been Working Hard To Obtain A Master's Degree In Creative Writing Through Full Sail University. This Has Been A Tough, But Enjoyable Academic Experience. I Have Been Able To Dive Deeper Into The Fundamentals Of Writing On A New Level.

So Far, My Favorite Courses Has Been Writing For TV and Adaptation Classes. The Adaptation Class Has Given Me New Insight Into How To Adapt Mediums From One To Another. Like Short Story To Short Film Or Short Story To Comic Book. All Of These Activities Has Kept Me Busy, But I Should Have Kept Up With This Blog. I'll Be Doing Better From This Point Forward. My Apologies And Thank You.

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